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The Big Car Show is first and foremost a common desire to live the automobile passion in a certain way. It could be an ode to performance. The BCS is above all a state of mind that wishes to highlight the men and women who have created and are still creating the automobile epic. The Youngtimers are a bridge between History and the Future. An intergenerational category that unites and evokes the greatest aspirations of the movement’s creators. The Big Car Show is the link, looking towards the horizon. High performance cars, Youngtimers, Custom everything is demonstration, everything is Exchange, everything is Sharing!

The need to live, to feel and to ride is even stronger since 2020. Something that takes hold of you, that gives you the itch, that triggers an unconditional need… The desire to mash the accelerator pedal, to say to yourself “it’s going, it’s going” at the next slip and to anticipate the handbrake to play with the propulsion, to put on this helmet that erases all the partitions, all the obligations to let go of the everyday suit, to think of only one thing: to vibrate behind a steering wheel or at the passage of a car!
Strolling through the aisles of the Auto Show or the exhibitor village, Bradley Cooper’s Alibi blaring in the headphones of your walkman, reveling in the sight… that of the tuners who make the Show. Locking onto the movements of an engine and feeling it through your body, watching the faces and then taking the helmet off your ears… and then your heart sinks. You lose your balance! A perfect, vibrant symphony, a satisfaction as powerful as a devil’s remountada. Sensitive souls are warned, but if you are a thrill seeker? One answer: Live it! The Big Car Show is a pure cocktail of sensations!

What is the Big Car Show, really? Let’s build it together! Amateurs, enthusiasts, drivers, builders, tuners, artists, visitors, you name it… the Big Car Show will not be a showcase of toys that you passively watch and marvel at. No, the BCS is your playground, it belongs to you. Dream, give free rein to your desires, your desires, your needs for experiences. Express your passion without concession in complete freedom. Share around you now to better share together from August 18 to 21. It will be the best way to federate and to make live our common passion: The Automobile All Around! We create the Big Car Show, you are the Big Car Show, we are all BCS!

Now the question is:

Will you be the actors of this first edition on the Circuit du Mans?
We are waiting for you to live our passion together and let your engines roar!

A découvrir en ce moment

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