Motul official partner of the Big Car Show!

Motul official partner of the Big Car Show!

Motul is an official partner of the first edition of the Big Car Show which will take place from August 18th to 21st on the 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit. With their Eighties and Nineties motor oil range, Motul Classic will support the 1 000 youngtimers present during the weekend.


Motul Since 1853 Motul has been evolving and supporting automotive passions. The French lubricant brand has become a major player in major automobile and motorcycle events.
Since its birth 160 years ago, Motul has been evolving according to the evolution of engines without forgetting to consolidate and enhance a rolling heritage. This spirit of respect for mechanical history and the desire to live a car passion in a personal, unique, powerful and strong way makes Motul unavoidable!

Classic Oil : eighties | nineties

MotulLa gamme Eighties et The Eighties and Nineties range is designed specifically for the engines of vehicles from the 80s, 90s and even 2000s, the so-called Youngtimers.

Motul has optimized the Modern Classic Eighties 10W40 to meet the needs of induction engines common to this decade.

At the same time, the Modern Classic Nineties 10W30 meets the requirements of high revving engines with more modern valves of the 10 year old models.

Official Partner 2022

MotulA logo, a color, here you are! Motul and the Big Car Show will open the 1st edition together! A strong presence for Youngtimers and exceptional vehicles alongside drivers and visitors. A great weekend on the mythical French circuit to live or rediscover the Pop Culture emotions and give a second youth to the cars of the 80’s and 90’s.

For 4 days, the LMP1 cars will be replaced by the Youngtimers on the Le Mans 24 Hours circuit. 4 days of driving, 4 days of exhibition, 4 days of entertainment, 4 days of show to make the engines roar! 4 summer days to exchange and discover around tuners, equipment manufacturers, major dealers and car manufacturers…. so that the passion lasts for a long time. Motul and the Big Car Show are joining forces to make this an unforgettable weekend. Roll on youth!

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