The concept

The concept

The next-generation event!

Come and share your passion for cars!


Why the Big Car Show?

The Big Car Show starts from of car enthusiasts’ dream and ends at the Le Mans Circuit. A crazy project to gathered fans, like us, but also different from us because the Big Car Show is above all the mixture of genres around the passion of mechanics and beautiful bodies that animates us. A single motto: Different cars, Same Passion.

Sharing is what drives the Big Car Show!

Manufacturers, tuners, collectors, artists and amateur enthusiasts, this new format will attract young and old children in search of wonder. The essence of the Big Car Show is that the automobile remains a celebration and a vehicle for exciting sharing.

It is an event to be experienced with the family, which is accessible to the greatest number.

That’s why we want to maintain an attractive entry price while offering a very complete program: driving on the circuit, exhibitions of Youngtimers, Sport Cars and Project Cars, stunt, Drift, an exhibitors’ village, entertainment areas for children (and older children! ), guests, show on the track, a “Toys street” with miniatures and toys, charity auction, covering demonstrations, artists,… and in the evening, concerts, and a camping area to stay all weekend long.

Whether it’s high performance cars or classic cars, everything is a demonstration, everything is an exchange, everything is sharing!

Join the Big Car Show family!



Passionate people at the service of a project



I have always loved cars and I am currently working in a field related to cars.

For 10 years I have been accompanying the youngtimers movement in its development thanks to Vintage Heroes.

Today it is time to offer a show that meets the expectations of a new generation of enthusiasts. This is my fuel for this project.


I have been organizing events on the Le Mans circuit for more than 10 years.

So when I was asked to organize an event as ambitious as the Big Car Show, I accepted the challenge without hesitation.

The first edition was gull of beautiful meetings, sharing and emotions. I can’t wait to see you again for the BCS#2.



I am passionate about Humans and their creative strength.

Create, live, cry, laugh… throw yourself into it, and remember that the key to success is the Human!

Light is not the fruit of an energy saving light bulb, but of a fire that burns.

There is nothing like a good ember.



I have been running communication agencies for 15 years, and I love beautiful events and their organization.

I’m happy to bring my experience to the BigCarShow, an exceptional event – and on the track of my beloved city!

On the automotive side, I’m more comfortable playing the drums that make you dance than plugging in the ones that make you drive.




In the world of automotive events for over 20 years … and yes it starts to do !!!

I have a passion for circuits and like many people for the 24H, and for everything related to mechanics in general… A passionate person had to join the Team for this edition of the Big Car Show #2

“Never give up and believe in your dreams! Never Give Up “

Review of the previous edition

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