The Concept


Why the Big Car Show?

The desire to ride, to share, to live has never been so strong, after this pandemic period! We want to offer you a new concept of show around the passion of mechanics and beautiful bodies which animates us. Sharing is the engine of the Big Car Show! Manufacturers, tuners, collectors, artists and amateur enthusiasts, this new format will attract without concession small and large children in search of wonder. The essence of the Big Car Show is that the automobile remains a celebration and a vehicle for exciting sharing.

Be as close as possible to reality! !

This new format is not just an ode to the automobile and its performance, but a way of highlighting the men and women who have created and are still creating the automobile! The Youngtimers are a bridge between History and the Future. An inter-generational category that unites and evokes the aspirations of the greatest contemporary designers. The Big Car Show becomes this link, looking towards the horizon.
Whether it’s high performance cars or classic cars, everything is a demonstration, everything is an exchange, everything is sharing!



+ More than 2000 vehicles planned, 63 driving sessions over 3 days. Take advantage of this opportunity to test your vehicle in a private and secure driving session. It’s the perfect opportunity to make the show!


The largest Youngtimer gathering in France with more than 1000 vehicles on display daily throughout the site. Place to the young old ones, the GTI generation… what beautiful years!


Because the automobile is also lived through toys and miniatures, derived products, lifestyle, decoration… The village of the circuit will be entirely dedicated to them.


The Big Car Show is a concentration of car tuners, equipment manufacturers, enthusiasts, manufacturers and dealers. A 360° show without artifice, all in piston!


Passionate people at the service of a project

Donut Events is the subsidiary of the Solido group in charge of organizing the various events that animate our business throughout the year (international trade shows, open days, gatherings, track days, etc.).


I have always loved cars and I am currently working in a related field. For the last 10 years I have been accompanying the youngtimers movement in its development thanks to Vintage Heroes. Today it is time to offer a show that meets the expectations of a new generation of enthusiasts. This is my fuel for this project.


I have been organizing events on the Le Mans circuit for 10 years already. So when I was offered to organize an event as ambitious as the Big Car Show, I accepted the challenge without hesitation


Actress and spectator of the automotive world for 15 years, passionate, divergent and influential, my leitmotiv is the creation of a link between common forces through journalism, communication or event partnership.

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