The exhibitors make their show!

There will be something for all tastes and all ages:
Car decoration, Bodywork, Customization, Artists, Miniatures, Toys, Bookstore, Lifestyle, Spare parts, Tools, Specialized Mechanics, …. Discover the exhibitors’ village on more than 25 000m² during the Big Car Show, from Friday to Sunday.

Upgrade your Youngtimer!

Do you dream of doing a standing start at a red light with your Youngtimer? Find the specialists in performance parts for your car! Want to make your neighbor’s teeth grind when you take your Kit Car out of your garage? Expect to smooth out her perm by meeting the Restomod and Preparation experts! Your car is the essence of your life, never without my Young is your phrase? The restoration professionals will know how to advise you and find you the spare part that will change your life!

But you are crazy! Oh yes!

Do you see life in full color and in fluo? Meet our Lifestyle exhibitors! Is your home the antechamber of Tucker or Mad Max? But you are crazy! Run to the Deco and Bookstore booths to see what’s new!

Attention Overheating!

Do your synapses light up in front of a painting or a sculpture? Rupteur? Are you talking about Rupteur? Creators know a lot about it, to understand, go to the artists’ gallery!
Discover the exhibitors’ village on more than 25 000m² during the Big Car Show!

The exhibitors are part of the show! What about you?

List of exhibitors available soon.
You are an exhibitor and wish to join the Big Car Show adventure? Contact us now.

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