Exceptional animations!

The icing on the Car

The Big Car Show is showing up at Le Mans Bugatti circuit!

Sharing is the engine of the Big Car show. Our team of enthusiasts is preparing a program to make the show all weekend long to amaze young and older child.

The BCS #2 promises a crazy weekend! Drifting demonstrations, driving on the track, collection car’s exhibitions  (from the Youngtimer to the Project Car), movie cars, miniatures and toys, driving simulators….


The autoshow is the dedicated area to our dear equipment manufacturers and preparers, but also the starting area of the drives and track baptism. Soak up the atmosphere in the pits, the noise of the engines, the adrenalin that permeates the drivers…. You are in the heart of the action!


Youngtimers are in the house: back to basics

Notice to enthusiasts, madmen, crazy people and lovers of classic cars. Connected to the Autoshow, find the largest gathering of Youngtimers! From the 70’s to the 2000’s, their bodies thrill us and we can’t count the hours spent behind the wheel. Come and share your passion and take a good look at them. We all have a story with these cars…

Get behind the screen

The most famous movie vehicles invest the Big Car Show. Find K2000, the Dolorean or the Camaro transformers, … and immortalize the moment.

Not too old to have fun

Rides for the little ones, Karting Drift, driving simulators, track’s baptism, exhibition of miniatures and toys, small train, live music… then, you show up?


We’re going to heat up the track! Without mastery, power is nothing. Trust our experienced stuntmen to make the show. Always in search of THE trick that will leave a lasting impression, they will take you into their universe.

Coming soon…

Still many surprises to announce to you…be patient!

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