The Auto Show is 15,000m² dedicated to the best of automotive passion and innovation. An exhibition and demonstration area in XXL format in the heart of the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit!

The Big Car Show is a concentration of car tuners, equipment manufacturers, enthusiasts, manufacturers and dealers. A 360° experiential show without artifice, all in piston!

Marvel at the mechanicals coming from another planet or another time. Fantasize in front of a Restomod of all the devils. To vibrate or hum with the sound of the engines. Shiver with pleasure So Youngtimer. The Auto Show is the place for enthusiasts in search of a great automotive sensation, in search of mechanical emotion! The Auto Show is the place where all the desires, all the dreams, all the madness that the automobile has been able to demonstrate for nearly 200 years can be realized!

The Auto Show is not a car show, it is much more! The Auto Show is the heart of the Piston Head’s passion in complete freedom. More than a demonstration, it is the place for all the emotions, the craziest experiences and sharing! The Auto Show is the soul of the Big Car Show, which translates into one sentence: Live your passion in complete freedom!

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