Project Car

Project because you said? But what is this thing?

I’ll tell you that it’s a crazy idea often born from a very short thought like “Hey guys, let’s get a sick ride for fun”.

We are not talking about Concept Cars or vulgar tuning, we are talking about the work of enthusiasts, who do not necessarily have big means but a lot of “system D”, elbow grease and talent. These “project cars” are the result of a team effort, which has for principle to start from an existing base and to make a unique vehicle and especially one that looks great. Simple and classy, or ultra sophisticated, these cars never leave anyone indifferent.

To celebrate the event, we decided to go ahead and make our “Project Car”, which will be unveiled at the Big Car Show. We had the great honor to collaborate on this project with the famous neo-Futurist designer Khyzyl Saleem. This guy is a pure genius in his field, I invite you to see his creations on the web, his imagination has no limits. So what did he draw for us…. You will not be disappointed.

We have also invited several teams to exhibit their creations. This will be a first in France and it’s at the Big Car Show!

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