Vintage Heroes Festival


Flashback on the creation of VH!

Before talking about this collaboration we have to rewind the film to 2013 exactly!

At that time the Youngtimer phenomenon was much more confidential. I wanted to exhibit my 1977 Youngtimer on a collector’s parking lot but was refused access. This situation opened my eyes to the generational problem that existed between front-wheel drive and GTI. I understood that I had to create my own gathering: The Vintage Heroes Festival was born! Our generation had to reappropriate the classic car.

So we launched a great event based on the open-mindedness and the family side, a quality event far from the supermarket parking lots but which corresponds to the setting that these new classic cars need. From 2014 until the pandemic in 2019, the association has welcomed each year 300 then 500 and finally more than 1000 vehicles from all over France.

Expose yourself in XXL!

During the pandemic we worked to perpetuate this event and offer it the setting it needs, a circuit and not just any circuit: The Bugatti Circuit in Le Mans. From now on, the Big Car Show (Donut Events) will offer an XXL setting to the Vintage Heroes Festival.

This collaboration will give a new breath to our festival: no more static events, from now on we will hear the engines running on the track, for a few hours we will all be drivers! 4 days during which we will be able to show that Youngtimers are the future of car collectors.

Although the Big Car Show goes beyond the Youngtimers phenomenon, it is indeed this collaboration between Donut Events and Vintage Heroes that will be at the center of this new XXL event. From now on, there are no more limits, Youngtimers will be able to drive, be admired in the paddocks or on the parking lots, get equipped thanks to the equipment manufacturers present or dream in front of the greatest tuners.

In short, the collaboration between Big Car Show and Vintage Heroes opens the way to a show never seen in France.

Attention limited number of places, so go ahead and book your place to display your car on our dedicated indoor parking lots.

Hall of Fame

Want more?
The Big Car Show offers you the opportunity to showcase your vehicle in the Hall of Fame.
This area will be reserved for exceptional cars (due to their condition or rarity): Youngtimer, Super Cars or Sports Cars.

Try to win the title of “Best of Show” as well as numerous prizes offered by our partners! (1 title in each category: Youngtimer / Super Cars / Sports Cars).
Let’s go, you are part of the show!

(It is by reserving your “Parking Exhibition” ticket that you will be able to apply to exhibit your vehicle in the Hall of Fame. You agree to park your vehicle during the 3 days of the event – from Friday 9am to Sunday 6pm. No vehicle movement will be allowed. This area will be secured for the duration of the event).

Book your place now, there will not be enough for everyone!

Clément Rouvière – Creator of the Vintage Heroes Festival

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